Mark S. Handcock

Professor of Statistics

Jennie Brand

Professor of Sociology and Statistics


Erin Hartman

Assistant Professor Joint in Statistics and Political Science

Survey design methodologies; creating new methods for identifying and validating causal effects

Chad Hazlett

Assistant Professor Joint in Statistics and Political Science

Developing methods for causal inference in the social sciences, including both randomized experiments and inference with observational data

Graeme Blair

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Comparative politics with a focus on West Africa; experimental methodology with an emphasis on sensitive survey questions

David Rigby

Professor of Geography

Geographies of invention and knowledge flow; impacts of trade on U.S. labor markets; microeconomics of agglomeration

Jamie Goodwin-White

Assistant Professor of Geography

Generation, maintenance, and geographic reproduction of social and economic inequalities, with an emphasis on immigration and internal migration patterns

Mason Porter

Professor of Mathematics

Applied mathematics, including social network analysis, nonlinear science, network science, and mathematical biology

Minjeong Jeon

Assistant Professor of Education

Item response theory; psychometrics; measurement and assessment; mixed, multilevel, and growth models

Michael Seltzer

Professor of Education

Methodology for multi-site evaluations; hierarchical models; methods for Bayesian analysis; longitudinal analysis

Li Cai

Professor of Education

Item response theory and item factor analysis; psychometrics; nonlinear and latent variable models

Darin Christensen

Assistant Professor Joint in Public Policy and Political Science

Regional conflict; economic development; political economics

Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld

Assistant Professor of Public Policy

International and comparative politics; using vast social media data to study subnational conflict

Ron Brookmeyer

Professor of Biostatistics

Global public health issues such as disease surveillance, health challenges of aging populations, and estimating global HIV infection rates

Tim Groeling

Professor of Communication Studies

Modern media; news coverage; political communication

Jungseock Joo

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Multimodal communication in mass media, specifically with regards to politics, by computational methods

Onyebuchi A. Arah

Professor of Epidemiology

Epidemiologic methodology and biostatistics; causal and bias analysis; global health in developing countries; comparative effectiveness research

Ka-Yuet Liu

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Social networks, social diffusion, and social epidemiology; network effects of individual suicides; social influence in the rising prevalence of autism

Jacob Foster

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Computational approaches to the sociology of science, blending network analysis, complex systems thinking, and probabilistic modeling

Michael Gaddis

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Racial discrimination; employment and housing discrimination; differences in mental health conditions, stigma, and the use of treatment on college campuses

Moshe Buchinsky

Professor of Economics

Development and application of econometric tools to labor economics and public finance; wage distribution and wage mobility

Rosa Matzkin

Professor of Economics

Econometrics and economic theory; relaxing ad-hoc parametric restrictions; revealed preference, shape restrictions, and hedonic models

Rodrigo Pinto

Assistant Professor of Economics

Modeling, inference, cost-benefit analysis, external validity and treatment effect estimation of social experiments; causality and revealed preference analysis